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What are Toilet Tapes?

The Toilet Tapes concept

Okay, it might not be a particularly sexy topic, but we spend about ten minutes in the ‘small room’ every day. So we at Toilet Tapes thought: "Why don't we make these ten minutes a more pleasant experience?"

And we thought this experience should be made more sustainable. That's why we use up to 90% less plastic and only use biodegradable soap.

And so, the unique concept of Toilet Tapes was born. Toilet Tapes are toilet blocks that are hung in the toilet by an adhesive tape. The tape has a cheerful design and the block gives a wonderful natural, fresh and long-lasting fragrance.

Key features of Toilet Tapes

The main features of the block are:

  • Up to 90% less plastic
  • Suitable for rimless toilets
  • Powerful foaming action
  • Hygienic adhesive strip that leaves no residues
  • Contains no salt
  • Apply and remove without getting your hands dirty
  • Lasts at least 160 flushes
  • Biodegradable soaps & ingredients
  • Available in 6 pleasant, natural and fresh fragrances
  • plastic cup and tape are of the same material and 100% recyclable

Main features of the packaging:

  • Compact size (h*w*d =90mm*65mm*22mm)
  • Sustainably packed in 100% recyclable FSC cardboard
floral fest

Toilet Tapes fragrances

Toilet Tapes are available in the following fragrances:

  • Floral Fest - A confetti of sweet flowers! Let yourself be carried away in the experience of this cheerful, colourful and irresistible fragrance.

  • Peppermint Passion - The classic scent of peppermint but with a twist! This fragrance is seductive and gives you a real pick-me-up!

  • Mystic Marine - A cool, fresh fragrance inspired by the ocean and ice crystals! A fragrance that thrives on its mystical charms.

  • Lovely Lavender - An oasis of purple flowers welcomes you in this subtle, rich floral fragrance inspired by the lovely lavender.

  • Clean Cotton - A neutral white coloured tape for a subtle look accompanied with the wonderful fragrance of freshly washed cotton.

  • Lushy Limes - A fresh and fruity lime fragrance that empowers you with fresh energy!

How do they work?

Toilet Tapes are very easy to use. The unique hygienic adhesive strip allows you to attach Toilet Tapes in your toilet without getting your hands dirty or leaving any residues. Regardless of what toilet you have, Toilet Tapes always fit! Pull the strip from the cardboard and lower the cup inside the toilet bowl by about 5-8 centimeters. Then stick the strip on the outside and you are ready to rinse.




Peel off the Toilet Tape from the top.



Stick the Toilet Tape over the edge of the toilet to catch the water flow.

Order quantities

  • Individual Toilet Tapes - Customers can order as little as one item of one fragrance or as many items of any of the available fragrances, the choice is yours!
  • Assortment box - what many customers do is order an assortment box. The assortment box is a convenient collection of all our fragrances for which an attractive discount applies. The assortment box is ideal for familiarising yourself with all fragrances. There are 6 different fragrances and so every customer is guaranteed to find their favourite fragrance or fragrances! 
  • Assortment box put together by yourself - many customers first order an assortment box and later order their favourite fragrances. If you order 12, 24, 48 or more, you will automatically receive the respective discount that applies to the assortment box of each quantity.

Where to buy?

Toilet Tapes are available via our own website (www.toilettapes.com/uk), store details will be added as listings are secured. The self-assembled assortment boxes are only for sale via our own website.

Interested in selling Toilet tapes

Toilet Tapes are often sold in stores that offer a sustainable range. If you would like to sell Toilet Tapes in your store, please contact us at enquiries_uk@toilettapes.com for the terms and conditions.

Business & Corporate customers

If you want to use the Toilet Tapes for business at your office, in your cleaning company, your hotel/B&B, at your association or any other company, please contact Toilet Tapes via enquiries_uk@toilettapes.com


Up to 90% less plastic

Fully recyclable materials

Vegan-friendly & cruelty-free

Also suitable for rimless toilets