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Frequently asked questions

What are Toilet Tapes?

Toilet Tapes are wonderfully fragranced and beautifully designed toilet blocks. They have a hygienic adhesive strip that can be easily attached over the edge of the toilet and therefore cannot fall into the toilet. The tape has a special coating, which leaves no residues and is resistant to uric acid and cleaning agents. Toilet Tapes are the trendsetter in sustainable toilet blocks. Made in the Netherlands!


Why are Toilet Tapes unique and different?

Toilet Tapes has increased the weight of each block from the original 11 grams to 18 grams. As a result, the number of rinses has increased considerably, and its duration is therefore longer. The ingredients consist of biodegradable soaps and fragrances based on sustainable vegetable oils. This means that Toilet Tapes have no additional salt in its products! Toilet Tapes are also free from animal testing and animal ingredients. The very limited (2 grammes) plastic used of all of the same recyclable material. Toilet Tapes are packed in 100% recyclable FSC cardboard


How long do Toilet Tapes last?

How long a Toilet Tape lasts depends on a number of factors including the frequency of use of the toilet, type of toilet, the water hardness and temperature. The number of flushes a Toilet Tape lasts depends on the amount of water used when flushing. With an average amount of water and a standard toilet, the number of flushes is at least 160. In an average household this is 2 to 3 weeks.


Does the tape leave marks on the toilet?

The adhesive layer on Toilet Tapes has been specially developed for the surfaces of toilet bowls and therefore leaves no residues whatsoever.


Can Toilet Tapes be used on rimless toilets?

Toilet Tapes fit every toilet including rimless toilets. You simply attach the Toilet Tape to the back of the toilet where the water flows into the bowl. With every flush, the water flows past the block and so you get the cleansing, foaming action as well as the fragrance.


Why does the packaging say that the product is “harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects”?

European Detergent Regulations stipulate that all ingredients must be declared on the packaging. All surfactants (soaps) from washing and cleaning agents that end up in the water system must be biodegradable. We are legally required to state on the packaging that certain ingredients are HARMFUL TO WATER LIVING organisms, WITH LONG LASTING EFFECTS. Just to clarify, this has nothing to do with being biodegradable and therefore it is important to further explain this mandatory notification. This notification is based upon the total quantity (weight) of the product. Our toilet blocks are economical when doing their job, an 18g block will cleanse and fragrance for more than 160 flushes. With each flush, a minimum amount of active substance is released into the wastewater system, i.e. about 0.1 grams. An average flush contains about 6 liters of water. This means that the load per flush is 0.017 grams of total product per liter of water. When this is taken into consideration, the concentration is very low, and our environmental impact is far below that of the standard toilet block or other cleaning products. Therefore, when using Toilet Tapes, as such a minimal amount of biodegradable substance is released into the waste stream, any harmful effect is no longer relevant. 


What raw materials are used in Toilet tapes?

Our products are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials consisting mainly of ionic and anionic surfactants and fragrances. All these components are fully compliant with ECHA and IFRA guidelines.


Can Toilet Tapes be used if you have a sceptic tank?

Toilet Tapes continues to develop its products including for use in a septic tank. Tests have shown that due to the enormous “dilution”, the effect on the living organisms in the septic tank is nil. Therefore, Toilet Tapes can be used in toilets that drain into a septic tank.


Where are Toilet Tapes produced?

Toilet Tapes are made in our production facility in Nederweert, Holland. All materials and ingredients also come from the Netherlands and therefore, we can proudly say that Toilet Tapes are a Dutch invention and are produced entirely in the Netherlands.


When can I expect my order?

Orders placed before 12:00 pm weekdays are shipped same day. Your order is usually delivered within 1-2 days for courier and within 2 -3 days for Royal Mail.


What warnings / precautions should I be aware of?

Do not ingest or swallow
In the instance that the product is ingested, this can lead to nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhoea.
• Do not drink a lot of water.
• Rinse your mouth with a little water (spitting out water).
• In order to prevent foaming in the stomach, it is also advisable to have the patient ingest something fatty (such as cream, mayonnaise, butter, etc, preferably no oil).
• Do not induce vomiting.
• If symptoms persist, consult a doctor and show the package label.

In case of contact with the eyes
Immediately rinse the eyes thoroughly with plenty of water for as long as possible. If the irritation persists, consult a doctor and show the package label.

Skin irritation
Frequent contact with the product may cause redness of the skin. If this occurs rinse the skin well with water. If the redness persists, consult a doctor and show the package label.

In case of inhalation
If the product is inhaled, there is a risk of throat irritation. In this instance rinse the mouth with water and if the nose is irritated, you can also rinse through with water. Get out into the fresh air and if the irritation persists, consult a physician and show the package label.

How do I attach the Toilet Tape to the bowl?

Although it is very simple, we will give you a few tips and tricks. We have developed the tape with ease of use as a high priority, so you never have to put your hands in the toilet bowl again. After you have taken the tape out of the box and unfolded it, grab the tape at the top and let the cup dangle down. Then you remove the tape from the protective sheet by grasping the small circle. The tape does not stick here! Remove the entire tape from the protective sheet so that the cup easily releases from the back. Now lower the cup into the toilet bowl and let the cup fall just below the rim. Now attach the tape further over the edge and on the outside of the toilet and the Toilet Tape is ready for use.
To remove the tape, you can easily grab the tape with one hand at the small circle that is now on the outside of the toilet bowl and simply pull the tape away to remove it. 


Up to 90% less plastic

Fully recyclable materials

Vegan-friendly & cruelty-free

Also suitable for rimless toilets